10Ten - Combination Lock

The electronic combination lock 10Ten is suitable for use in many places such as:

- Fitness centres
- Clubs
- Department stores (safes)

The keypad is fastened directly to the lock underneath. The 7cm long cable enables easy installation.

The built-in lithium battery guarantees a maximum life-span of 10 years. It can be expected to last at least 5 years, with everyday use. The battery is checked during the opening process and when the battery is running low the lock will remain open, an alarm will go off and the lock cannot be used again.

Emergency opening for the public lock
There is a master code mentioned in the manual.

A caretaker, for example, can open a locker using this code. An emergency opening will cause the previously entered code to be deleted.

The package includes:

- The keypad
- The locking device
- Lock assembly with ejector / pusher mechanisms
- Battery with a maximum life-span of 10 years

Measurements: 58 x 58 x 4 mm
The distance between the screw holes: 48 mm
Maximum counter pressure: 2.5 kg
Temperature range: 2-40 °
Breaking point: 35 kg (locking part)

10Ten – for public use

This version is for use in public institutions. The lock is open in idle mode. The user puts his/her clothes in an open compartment/locker and locks it by entering his/her individual code.

The lock is now locked and can only be opened using the previously entered code. As soon as the lock has been opened, the code is deleted and the compartment/locker can be re-used.

There is a master code noted in the manual.  

Article number: 10Ten-public (white/black); Customs tariff number: 83013000; Order quantity: 100
Prices on request; Country of origin: Austria

10Ten – for private use

After installing the battery, a personal code can be entered. The LED lights up briefly and the code is entered once again and then confirmed.

The lock is locked in idle mode. After entering the correct code, the lock opens for 3 seconds and then closes again automatically.

Article number: 10Ten-private (white/black); Customs tariff number: 83013000; Order quantity: 100
Prices on request; Country of origin: Austria

10Ten laundry & mail collection centre

For a laundry and mail collection centre, we have created a specific software with following procedure.

Excellent for: collection points for packages, laundry , parcel services , pharmacies out of hours dispensary , customer collection services in store....

Application example: Self-service laundry collection centre.

1. The customer enters the service centre and selects any open locker.

2. He/She deposits the dirty clothes and locks the locker with any combination code (i.e. 0000)

3. The customer has a ten minute window to return and insert / remove items in the locker with this same code (0000)

4. The laundry employee enters the service centre and opens all occupied lockers with his general code (i.e. 1234). The lockers stays open and are ready to use by the next customer.

5. When the clothes are ready for collection, the employee puts the washed laundry into any open locker and locks it with a pick-up code (i.e. 1177)

6. If the employee reopens the locker with this pick-up code or with his general code, the pick-up code will be deleted and can then be re-programmed.

7. After payment has been received from the customer, the employee then sends the locker number and the pick-up code to the customer.

8. The customer can then collect their clothes with the pick-up code (1177) and the locker remains open ready for the next customer.


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